The M i M in Music is Me makes a Unique Star, because every User is Unique & every Artist is a Star...

Music is Me is a Search & Video (SV) platform.

Users can only search by City or Zip for music videos in those specific areas or stream music videos from any country. World Atlas, calculated that there are 195 Countries with 4,416 cities & 57,000 zip codes. Explore the world through music videos with 195 Hip-Hop Countries.

Only independent artists’ & independent record labels’ can sign-up and log-in to upload, promote or feature their best music video around the world... No Personal Information Needed.

No Ad’s,
No Subscription Fees,
Because no one likes Ad’s or Subscription Fees.

No Comments,
No Likes,
Sharing music videos helps independent artists’ than comments or likes...
***any Artist and Record Label can buy Comments, Likes & Views***
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